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Dom Duplessis Premier Cru Chablis Vaillons 2017

Certified Organic 


“Zen-like: clinical, efficient and linear Chablis. Domaine Duplessis can be a fine source of Chablis, especially for those seeking biodynamic wines ." - Neal Martin, Wine Advocate


"An assemblage of four plots exposed to the southeast, on a clay-sandy soil. This wine has been named a seducer by winemaker Gerard Duplessis. "An exotic nose and full mouth of fruit will stir all kinds of beautiful feelings." - Franc about Wine


"Domaine Gérard Duplessis is a family run cellar founded in 1895, today managed by Lilian Duplessis. Located in the heart of the Chablis’s region it has 9 ha divided on 8 different appellations. Every vineyard is worked in accordance to organic farming since 2007 and achieved certification in 2013 hence all the wines now from then are labelled as such. All vineyards used for village, Premier Cru, and Grand Cru wines are Kimmeridgian limestone, with the Petit Chablis on Portlandian limestone, making the village Chablis a seriously good village style.  As mentioned above the domaine is Certified organic, quite the acheivement in such a marginal climate as Chablis. His philosophy for working in harmony with the earth translates to how he works in the cellar: native yeast fermentations, long lees aging in stainless steel tank followed by a six-to-eighteen month (depending on the vintage) elévage in neutral oak barrels before being bottled with a minimal addition of sulfur."  - Dom Duplessis


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