Delord Bas Armagnac 1989

France, (Other)
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"A 1989 vintage Delord Armagnac from the famed Bas Armagnac region.


The Delord house distillery is in the village of Lannepax. Delords vineyards grow colombard, ugni blanc and folle blanche grapes and they distil through alembic stills from November through to the end of December. The vintage of an Armagnac is determined by the grape harvest, so if distillation was to spill into the following year by a day or a so it would still take the year of harvest as its vintage.


Distilled in 1989 and barrel aged until its recent bottling. You can appreciate the seven classic Armagnac notes of nut, peach, violet, lime, vanilla, plum and pepper from this excellent Armagnac house that was established in 1893."

- Delord