Crittenden Pinocchio Moscato 2017

Australia, VIC, Mornington Peninsula
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"We, at Crittenden Estate, have long been fans of the wonderful Italian Moscato wines. They are intriguing for their beguiling nose of lychees and ginger, the delicious frizzante (fizz) they carry and the refreshing spine of acidity that cuts through the sweetness of the unfermented grape sugar. We especially like the fact that the alcohol is quite low! This, our eleventh attempt, seems quite credible, a fair copy one could say. It can be enjoyed with dessert, a number of cheeses, particularly dolce latte and piccante Gorgonzola as well as pastries and brioche.


King Valley/Swan Hill blend, it has a beguiling nose of lychees and ginger with a delicious frizzante. Low in alcohol."