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[SOLD-OUT] Chateau Coutet Chartreuse de Coutet 2010

A delicate bouquet of white flowers, such as acacia, is perceived on the nose. It then develops unto more roasted notes, tending toward candied fruits and quince. The attack on the palate is fresh, with a good intensity. Despite its density, the wine remains elegant and fine on the finish, where candied fruits can be found again.

The year 2010 was drier and cooler than experienced previously. With the exception of the end of March, which was particularly warm and rainy, the beginning of the year was relatively dry and cold. Despite these circumstances, budbreak was not delayed and began on April 3rd. A mild and dry April regularized plant growth. After a return to cooler temperatures and a lack of rain in May, flowering took place during the warmer conditions of early June. However, a few rain showers occurred mid-month that prevented some fruitset. The climate was hot and dry through the end of July. The relatively cool temperatures recorded in August extended veraison. After an overall drier summer than usual, a few rainfalls occurred mid-September that enabled a rapid onset of the Botrytis cinerea fungus throughout the vineyard; the result was the presence of 'Noble Rot' on beautifully ripe berries.
Chateau Coutet

France- Bordeaux- Sauternes Barsac
Wine White - Sweet