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Champalou Vouvray Demi-Sec 2016

Off-dry Chenin from a certified Terra Vitis (sustainable) producer.

Vineyard work/Farming Method: the vineyard is maintained following sustainable farming culture (the method most respectful to the microbiological life of the ground and water). The vine and wine production are certified Terra Vitis, respecting the environment but also the employees. The manual and mechanical labour (culture under the rows, de-budding, thinning-out of leaves) are favoured as is the use of natural products (talc powder, lime paste, clay, essential oil, sulphur, copper). Our purpose being to have a healthy and functional vineyard.

Wine making and aging: The grapes from Clay and Siliceous terroir are harvested early in the morning to protect the freshness of the aromas and prevent oxidation. It is after this decisive stage that the grapes are respectfully pressed with our pneumatic press. Juices are selected and ferment slowly at low temperature in our double-barrels (500L) of several wines. The wine is then aged on its fine lies in its barrels before being bottled (prior bottling). Les Fondraux are our semi-sweet balance, situated between 20 and 30 gr of residual sugar according to the vintage.

Wine and food match: Les Fondraux always possesses some residual sugar, which offers a luscious and concentrated mouth feel. Whites’ flowers are predominant, offering freshness, roundness, minerality and vivacity.Whilst young, Les Fondraux is pleasant with fish, charcuterie, goat’s cheese, sweet and sour dishes. When aged 24 to 36 months, the flavours drive you towards spicy meals and white meats.

France- Loire Valley
Wine White
Wine White - Chenin blanc
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$ 25-50