Castagna Genesis Syrah 2010

Campbell Mattinson 95 points!
Nick Stock 96 Points!

Australia, VIC, Beechworth
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Campbell Mattinson 95 points!
"The 2010s are different. It's like the vines have ticked over into a new phase. Vine age, end of the drought, the season itself.

This is less exuberant than previous releases; more reserved. It's like there's an inner confidence at play here; like the wines know they're good, and don't feel the need to say it so loudly. There's still the violetty, spicy, aniseedy perfume. Part of this was matured in a concete egg, so essentially less of the wine has seen oak (slightly). This has a sinewy character that I've not seen in Genesis before. Buoyant but not voluptuous. A little more strictness. Castagna's reds have always been so sexy; there's a button or two extra been left buttoned here. Long, spicy, meaty finish."
Campbell Mattinson, Wine Front, November 2012