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[SOLD-OUT] Bress Sparkling Shiraz N.V.


"My winemaking belief is that good fruit should be treated gently and with minimal intervention. The Bress Non Vintage Heathcote & Bendigo Shiraz was treated in this manner. A combination of whole bunch and gently crushed fruit fermentations occurred in open fermenters. Fermentation was slow and was initiated by indigenous yeast strains. Hand plunging occurred three times a day. Post pressing the wine was transferred to old French oak hogsheads for malolactic fermentation. Following malolactic fermentation the wine was filtered and bottled under pressure.

This Bress Heathcote & Bendigo Shiraz was bottled using a crown seal closure.

Using a crown seal closure is our attempt to ensure that our wine is presented free of cork characters (good or bad) and that the full aroma and flavour of this wine is expressed.

The wine offers a complex array of fruit aromas of black fruit, spice, cloves and plum.

The wine is tightly packed full of black fruit, spice, cloves, and plum. There is a creaminess that is conferred by the carbonation and gives the wine power, balance and a savoury richness."
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VIC- Heathcote
Wine Sparkling - Red