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[SOLD-OUT] Bleasdale Sparkling Shiraz N.V.

  "A richly flavoured sparkling wine made with exceptional vintage base wine and liquor!"

Sparkling Shiraz Langhorne Creek, South Australia Bleasdale Vineyards is Langhorne Creek's founding winery and Australia's second oldest family-owned and perated winery, established in 1850 by English migrant Frank Potts who arrived in South Australia on the Buffalo in 1836. The vineyards are situated on the flood plains of the Bremer river, which runs parallel to Langhorne Creek. Frank Potts left behind him a wonderful legacy that continues today. His sons and randsons have operated and built up the winery and Bleasdale is solely owned and operated by fourth and fifth generation members of the Potts family. A richly flavoured sparkling wine made from base wine from recent vintages with a strong liqueur added to enable a secondary fermentation to take place. The Shiraz characteristics are balanced by sweetness from the liquor. Strong colour, rich flavour and a good even bead leads to sweet berry fruit flavours and a rich, flavoursome aftertaste in this recent addition to the Bleasdale range. Bleasdale
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