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Bannockburn Sauvignon Blanc 2017

"A great deal to admire here ..." - Wine Front 


"A return to "normal" timing for harvest captured the natural acidity and varietal tension from this only moderately warm year. Some hint of the puncheons, varietal marker green peas and spice on the nose. Full and yet dry, breadth from the skins, texture from the lees contact and refreshing citrus acids on the palate."

- Bannockburn


Bannockburn has never done things by halves when it comes to its sauvignon blanc. This 2017 release was made in three separate batches: one partially destemmed with skin contact, one barrel fermented and the third fermented in tank. It’s low in alcohol, but almost sweet with fruit ripeness. Sweet fruit but cutting acidity. Fun and then serious. Lemon, almonds, florals and metal. Red apples and rose petals. It’s as much nuance as drive, though there’s plenty of the latter. In all honesty – and we don’t say this often of sauvignon blanc – it needs a little time. Though there is a great deal to admire here. And that’s without mentioning the check of chubbiness to the texture, which works a treat.


- Wine Front 

VIC- Geelong
Wine White
Wine White - Sauvignon blanc
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$ 25-50