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[SOLD-OUT] Applewood Okar Amaro 500mL

A quintessentially Australian aperitif!  Negronis anyone...?

"This spirit is literally the 'Taste of Australia'.

It's an Amaro - a type of bitter/herbal aperitif that have been popular for more than a century - famous for it's use in the Negroni or Spritz. We like to take an Australian-spin on things - and dry aperitifs seem to epitomise a renaissance in contemporary Australian drinking.

It just so happens that seemingly - 90% of all native Australian botanicals are also intensely bitter. Probably something to do with the harshness of our climate - and one native ingredient stood head-and-shoulders above the rest when it came to Økar - Riberries. Otherwise known as Lilly Pilly. 

The Riberry's cranberry-tartness, hints of clove and bark-like bitterness make it well-suited for an Australian aperitif. Riberries aren't the only stars in this beverage - alongside we see Davidson Plum, Finger Limes, Lemon Myrtle, Saltbush, Rivermint, Peppermint and Strawberry Gum Leaves (just to name a few!). 

Strength: 26% abv Volume: 500ml

Serving suggestion: Made for the famous "ALL AUSSIE" Negroni, mix with Madenii Sweet VermouthApplewood Gin and slice of fresh Orange.


SILVER - New York Wine & Spirit Competition 2017

SILVER - Australian Distilled Awards 2017

BRONZE - San Fransisco Spirit Awards 2017"

- Applewood Distillery

SA- Adelaide Hills