Occam's Razor

"Emily Laughton has decided to follow in her parents' footsteps after first seeing the world and having a range of casual jobs. Having grown up at Jasper Hill, winemaking was far from strange, but she decided to find her own way, buying the grapes from a small vineyard owned by Jasper Hill employee, Andrew Conforti, and his wife Melissa. She then made the wine 'with guidance and inspiration from my father, and with assistance from winemaker Mario Marson'. The name comes from William of Ockham (also spelt Occam) (1285-1349) a theologian and philosopher responsible for many sayings including that appearing on the back label of the wine 'what can be done with fewer is done in vain with more'. Only 400 cases were made, and the wine is being exclusively distributed in fine restaurants across Australia."winepros.com.au

  • [SOLD-OUT] Occam's Razor Shiraz 2011

    [SOLD-OUT] Occam's Razor Shiraz 2011

    Region: VIC- Heathcote

    "Grown in Heathcote on granitic soil that differs from the Cambrian soils of Jasper Hill, giving more fresh raspberry fruitiness and less earthiness; medium wieght with lovely oak characters behind."Jasper Hill