Inner Circle Rum

"Inner Circle Rum was not made for you. It was made by the Company Directors of Australia's Colonial Sugar Refinery way back in the day so they could enjoy perfectly smooth rum for themselves, their inner circle, and not you. They spared no expense to create the world's best rum which they kept to themselves for nigh on 50 years (the cheeky buggers). It was never intended to be sold to anyone, including you.After mounting pressure, it was finally released to the public in the 1970s and has been receiving accolades ever since. Like 'Best Rum' at the prestigious International Wine & Spirit Competition in London for the past four years.Today, Inner Circle Rum is still carefully crafted in small batches using the traditional process of pot distillation perfected by CSR over 100 years ago, proving that some things never change. Like the fact that it was not made for you. "
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