Glaetzer Anaperenna

The name Anaperenna has been inspired by Anna Perenna, the Roman goddess of the New Year. Anna Perenna symbolises the year's cycle and her name translates as "enduring year". Romans honoured Anna Perenna with a festival in March (the first month in the Roman calendar). On March 15th, which was the first full moon of the year, they would ask Anna Perenna to grant them longevity, praying that Anna would grant them a healthy year for each glass of wine they drank on that day. The symbol on the label is the Egyptian Ankh (pronounced: onk). Historically the ankh symbolised sunrise, regeneration, regrowth and renewal.

  • Glaetzer Anaperenna Shiraz Cabernet 2012

    [SOLD-OUT] Glaetzer Anaperenna Shiraz Cabernet 2012

    Region: SA- Barossa Valley
    Farming Vegan-friendly

    The 2012 combines extreme elegance with power and grace. Lifted notes of crushed dried herbs, cassis and spice on the nose with a tightly would palate shwing semless tannin structure and abundant richness. A delight when young that will evolve into a...