Bass Phillip

Exceptional (Reserve Pinot Noir); Outstanding (Premium Pinot Noir) - Langton's Fine Wine Classification IV
5 Star Winery - Halliday Wine Companion

Winemaking at Bass Phillip is uncompromising and driven by the respect for nature. The vineyards have been organic since 1993 and biodynamic since 2002. All wine production processes at Bass Phillip are guided by the cosmic rhythms that impart energy and vibrancy into the wines.

Made in a simple and traditional manner, with low-cropped vineyards, no irrigation and minimal intervention in the winery, the wines of Bass Phillip display flavours which are characteristic of the region and their individual vineyards. Deep mineral-rich soils, natural high humidity, and cooler temperatures in South Gippsland is also part of the magic that delivers the length, complexity, flavors, balanced acidity, and natural minerality to Bass Phillip wines. Combining undivided attention to detail in the vineyards  and winery, and an insatiable passion for quality wine experiences, Bass Phillip produces extraordinary wines one vintage after another.

"Truly pushes the boundaries of Australian Pinot Noir greatness."- Lisa Perrotti Brown MW

"Putting it simply, Bass Phillip has made some of best pinot noir I’ve drunk in my whole life, from anywhere of any age." - Robert Geddes MW

"Bass Phillip is renowned for producing some of the best pinot noir in Australia. Established by Phillip Jones in 1979, the vineyards are located at Leongatha in the most southern part of Victoria, Australia, not far from Phillip Island and Wilson's Promontary. Named after early explorers of the region, George Bass and Arthur Phillip, Bass Phillip is located not far from the sea, but far enough inland to experience a continental climate ideal for grape growing."Make no mistake about it...these are brilliant Pinot Noirs, undoubtedly the finest being produced in Australia." - Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate, May 2002