The "coolest of the cool"

Key varieties: pinot noirchardonnaysparkling

"Renowned as one of Australia’s finest cool climate wine growing areas, Tasmania is turning heads as one of the world’s hottest wine regions. The first commercial vineyards were planted in Tasmania in 1865 but these vines were short lived A resurgence of interest started again in the late 1970s and one gets the feeling that it’s only just beginning to realise its winemaking potential.

The climate and soils of the region combine to create ideal growing conditions for developing naturally elegant, intensely flavoured and aromatic wines, with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir the region’s most renowned varieties. Tasmania produces Australia’s finest sparkling wines, reflecting high-levels of winemaking expertise and the advantages of a naturally pristine, cool environment. " - Wine Australia

Image courtesy: GenXYwines/Wine Australia

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