Cuvee Pack - Gingerbread Delight

The taste of Christmas year-round, all wrapped up in one gift pack!

Gingerbread Amber Liqueur from master liquorists, Massenez, matched with two artisan Cuvee chocolates.

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The star of this pack is the Massenez "Creme de Pain d'Epices" liqueur. This divine, amber gingerbread liqueur is an exemplary expression of the Massenez mastery. Since 1870, Massenez have built a strong global reputation as master liquorists and distillers, producing outstanding creams and liqueurs. Stunningly complex, this 'triple concentrated' liqueur is incredibly versatile, and can be drunk neat, over ice, in cocktails, poured over ice cream, or matched with couverture chocolate...

The worthy companions to the Massenez are two artisan-made chocolates by local chocolatier, Cuvee. Made especially for wine matching, these Cuvee chocolates also make an inspired match for gingerbread liqueur. First is the Amphora, a dark chocolate with 65% cocoa, and next is the Soleo, a 38% milk chocolate.


1 x Massenez Amber Gingerbread Liqueur (Creme de Pain d'Epices) 17% 700ml

1 x Cuvee - Amphora 65% Dark Chocolate 70g

1 x Cuvee - Soleo 38% Milk Chocolate 70g